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Don Pasquale

Jun 8 – 27, 2025

By: Gaetano Donizetti

His world is about to turn topsy-turvy.

Lifelong bachelor Don Pasquale is livid when his heir, Ernesto, falls for a penniless widow. Determined to teach him a lesson, Don Pasquale decides to disown Ernesto, marry, and produce a new heir himself. Enter Norina, Ernesto’s love, and her crafty friend Dr. Malatesta. They trick Pasquale into a fake marriage, with Norina posing as the picture-perfect bride. But before the ink on the marriage contract is even dry, Norina unleashes her inner spitfire, turning Pasquale’s tidy world riotously upside down.

Event information

Loretto-Hilton Center

Ticket Prices

Running Length
2 hours, 30 minutes

Content Advisory


Patrick Carfizzi

Don Pasquale

Sydney Mancasola


Charles Sy


Kyle Miller

Dr. Malatesta

Creative Team

Kensho Watanabe


Christopher Alden

Stage Director

Marsha Ginsberg

Set and Costume Designer

Eric Southern

Lighting Designer